93% Of All WordPress Sites Get Hacked Because Hackers Figure Out Admin Logins


WP Login Security Pro

If you think your WordPress Admin Logins is Secure – You are TRULY MISTAKEN.

In 2015 – 2016 , 93% of WordPress sites got hacked because hackers figured out admin logins of the sites.

Hackers use Automated Password Crackers which will silently guess your password without your knowledge.


ONLY $25


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Unlimited Sites + Lifetime Updates

Install It On All Of Your Own Sites, Buy One Extra To Install On Your Clients Sites.
WP Login Security Pro Will Alert You Of Suspicious Login Attempts & Double Authenticate Your Logins Via Email Or SMS.

Login at your admin and you’ll see the pincode field

Your pincode is sent to your admin email

Typ or copy paste the pincode, and your in!

It’s That Simple!

WP Login Security Pro Works in PROVEN method with ZERO chance of by-passing the system.

WP Login Security Pro is constantly collecting IP and Patterns of Attempted hacking via over 70k Websites & Via Norton Cyber Security API.

If there is an Attempted Suspicious login, WP Login Security Pro will Notify you,  Lock your login and ONLY you can login via special code on your email.

If The Password Entered is Genuine then WP Login Security Pro will ask for verification code that’s sent to your login.

Unlike WordPress, Popular email companies such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL etc use special protection against Password Crackers.  So its VERY unlikely that your email will be hacked.  WP Login Security Pro adds double added security that will let you sleep peacefully.

WP Login Security Pro

Protect Your Site With WP Login Security Pro Today!

Sleep Peacefully Knowing That You Have DOUBLE Lockdown On All Your WordPress Websites For UnAuthorized Logins.

You Have Much Money Invested In Your Website, Protect Your Investment And Add Extra Security For Only $25!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • Q: Which Version of WordPress can i use this system on?

    You can use this on Any version of the WordPress including Multi-Site.

  • Q: Can more than One admin use it?

    Yes,  More than one admin can use it.  Even your members/customers can use it if you wish.

  • Q: Do i Need SMTP Service?

    No, No need for SMTP.  This Plugin will use normal PHP Mail to verify your login.

  • Q: Can I use it only on one site?

    No, you can use it on unlimited sites that you own.

  • Q: Can I also use it on my clients sites?

    The licence is for your OWN websites. But if you want to use it for your client’s website, you must purchase an extra WP Login Security Pro per customer. You can then install the plugin on all of your client’s sites. You do not pay per site, but per customer!

  • Q: If I want to use the SMS function, are there additional costs?

    To use the SMS verification system,  You need TWILIO API. Which will cost you  $0.0015  per SMS.

    That’s  $1.5 for 1,000 SMS.

    If you authenticate your login 10 times,  you pay $0.015 , if you authenticate your login 100 times, you pay $0.15 pennies…

    Can you see HOW SUPER CHEAP Twilio API is?

    You can create a NEW twilio API ( which we will cover during the tutorial or use existing one )

You Have Much Money Invested In Your Website, Protect Your Investment And Add Extra Security For Only $25!