Do You already make optimal use of Social Media?

Our Social Media Marketing Services offer you the opportunity to enhance your brand through social media.
Our goal is to provide our customers with the best social media experience. By delivering smart, creative solutions quickly and on a high quality level.


01. Huge Brand Exposure

We’ll put your brand or product in the hotspot

02. Total realization of your social media profile

We will create and manage your social media campaigns on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

03. High brand awareness realization

We’ll create rumor around your brand

04. Best choice for successful marketers

Choose what you need, and nothing more. Plan your campaigns the way you want it.

05. Tailored specifically just for your marketing

We create your custom made strategy, for maximum results.

06. Our goal is to facilitate the social media process for you.

We specialize in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ marketing campaigns that create a rich content for your blogs and websites.

Discover our creative solutions for your business:


is THE place to go to for all your Social Media services


Managing the Timeline,Facebook Posts,Facebook Shares & Facebook Insights


Designing the Twitter Cover Page, Tweets, Twitter profile stats

Value for Money

Cost effective planning and strategy, maximum results for very reasonable prices

Page Management

  • Designing the Facebook Cover
  • Managing the Timeline
  • Managing Permissions
  • Designing the Twitter Cover Page
  • Brand Optimization of Google+
  • Brand Optimization for Pintrest
  • Designing the Linkedin Cover

Social Search

  • Authorship of Google+
  • Verification of Google+
  • Google Circles
  • Circle Groups
  • Linking Social Media Profiles

Social Engagement

  • Facebook Posts
  • Tweets
  • Exclusive Google+ Content
  • Facebook Shares
  • Google+ Relevant Shares
  • Video file submission facebook

Working brilliantly!!

I knew in order to make a difference to my businesses bottom line I had to get tapped into social media marketing but I had no clue where to start.

Jenn LeeBrampton ON Canada

Essence E-Services is great!

Very fast and creative with their content and marketing materials. My Social Media pages was complete within only a day and they offer you the best reasonable rates. Thank you so much! Not only will I recommend Essence E-Services to my friends but I will continue using your excellent services!
Lisa HealthNew York, USA

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