Reputation Monitoring

Would You Like To Know Instantly When A Customer Leaves A Negative Review For Your Business?

It’s a well known fact that negative reviews hurt businesses, the worst part about this is that 90% of the time a business is completely unaware they have gotten a negative review.

To make matters worse it only takes one upset customer to pick up their phone and type a negative review for your business to start losing customers.

Plus with the amount of different places available for a customer to leave a review online it makes tracking it almost impossible without having a staff member constantly monitoring social media and review sites or doing it yourself manually.

Even checking your reputation once a week is too long, by that time the damage could already be done and customers looking elsewhere.

Businesses work so hard to build their reputation and service and to have one customer potentially ruin your entire reputation is a risk no business wants to take.

We Specialise In Monitoring Business Reputations Live, In A Matter Of Minutes You Can Be Notified Of Any Negative Comments Or Reviews About Your Business!

You Can Then Protect Your Brand By Taking Steps To Rectify The Situation!

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We Are Also Able To Monitor Social Media For Red Hot Laser Targeted Leads For Your Business!

The old saying goes, the early bird catches the worm, by monitoring tons of social media websites we can find customers looking for your services in real time.

If someone sends a tweet for example asking for a good plumber in your area we can notify you so that you are able to follow up with that customer.

Perhaps you own a restaurant, we are able to monitor tweets from users that are looking for a good place to eat in your area.

By Combining Our Brand Reputation Protection And Lead Generation Services You Have The Power To Keep Customers You Would Have Otherwise Lost To Bad Reviews, And Grow Your Business With A Steady Flow Of New Customers!

This Is A Small Selection Of The Websites We Monitor Online…


Start Protecting Your Business & Generating Leads Today!

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  • $39.95 per month
  • Up to 10 Keywords monitored

    24/7 Monitoring

    Free 24 Hour Setup

    Instant Notifications

    Online Control Panel

    Online Technical Support

  • $97 per month
  • Unlimited Keywords Monitored

    24/7 Monitoring

    Free 24 Hour Setup

    Instant Notifications

    Online Control Panel

    Online Technical Support

  • Do You Monitor Our Brand Reputation World Wide?

    Yes, we actively monitor all of the top websites including social media, news, video, search engines and more! Anywhere your brand name is mentioned we will know about it.

  • Do Your Offer A Money Back Guarantee?

    Yes we do, if you are not completely happy with our service then simply pop us a email asking to cancel your account within the first 30 days and we will refund every single dime of your money back, no questions asked!

  • What Is Inside My Control Panel?

    Inside your control panel you have the ability to update the keywords our system monitors as well as add new ones. You will also get a full live breakdown of exactly what people are saying about your brand allowing you to instantly deal with the situation.

  • Do I Need Multiple Accounts For Different Locations

    No, you can simply add different locations directly inside your control panel or even set email notifications for the appropriate person to be contacted in those areas should any issue arise.

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