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Online Advertising

By advertising online via high volume popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google, your organization can tap into a huge pool of potential customers/prospects and target the ones with the greatest interest in your products or services.

Laser-targeting your messages towards those audiences most likely to buy using a mix of demographic, behavioral and contextual targeting tactics.

Do you need more people to your site? Need more followers on Facebook? Sell your digital and non-digital goods to a laser targeted audience?

Facebook Advertising Services

Leadgeneration on Facebook

Just a few months ago, FB released a feature called “Leads Ads,” and it allows you to ask a user for their email and it would pre-populate their info and only requires them to hit submit.

It cuts out all the “steps” from the typical needs to utilize FB as your source of traffic.. such as:

– Website for compliance
– A “approved” landing page
– Proper Imagery and other silly rules..

And also for very low costs when you compare it to many other advertising channels.

Essence E-Services able to optimize and pinpoint those audiences to establish a successful lead generation.

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