Every WordPress Owner MUST Own This WP Plugin


This AUTOMATED Plugin Will Detect & Fix All Malware & BackDoors On WordPress.

If you wake up one day & See that your website is hacked due to Malware – You will wish you invested $25 to be aware.

Protects Your Entire Hosting Account! Not only WP Anti Malware Scanner PRO scans and protects your WordPress sites but also protects your entire hosting account.


ONLY $25


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Unlimited Sites + Lifetime Updates

Install It On All Of Your Own Sites, Buy One Extra To Install On Your Clients Sites.
WP Login Security Pro Will Alert You Of Suspicious Or Malicious Files & Softwares On Your Site And Hosting Account Via Email.

How WP Anti Malware Scanner PRO Works?

You Install the WP Plugin via Your WP Admin,  And run it for the first time.   Then it will go thru ALL the files to make sure there are no malicious files.

Once it confirms that there is no malicious files,  It does what we call “Hardning” –  A Process where it checks if file permissions are correct or any outer source of entry.   If there is issue-  It will secure and inform you.   This plugin doesn’t affect how your site runs or your themes or other Plugins.

Protect Your Site With WP Anti Malware Pro Today!

Sleep Peacefully Knowing That You Have Anti Malware Protection On All Your WordPress Websites against Malicious Softwares And Files.

You Have Much Money Invested In Your Website, Protect Your Investment And Add Extra Security For Only $25!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • Q: Which Version of WordPress can i use this system on?

    You can use this on Any version of the WordPress including Multi-Site.

  • Q: Do i Need SMTP Service?

    No, No need for SMTP.  This Plugin will use normal PHP Mail to verify your login.

  • Q: Can I use it only on one site?

    No, you can use it on unlimited sites that you own.

  • Q: Can I also use it on my clients sites?

    The licence is for your OWN websites. But if you want to use it for your client’s website, you must purchase an extra WP Anti Malware Pro per customer. You can then install the plugin on all of your client’s sites. You do not pay per site, but per customer!

  • Q: Does it work on a shared hosting account?

    Yes,  Works on Shared / VPS/ DEDI and Cloud.   It works on ALL types of hosting.

  • Q: Does this work with WP Multi-Sites?

    Yes,  It works with WP Multi sites and All VERSIONS of WordPress.

  • Q: Any hidden fees you are not telling me?

    There is ZERO hidden fees.   We Love you and if there was anything-  We would tell you.

You Have Much Money Invested In Your Website, Protect Your Investment And Add Extra Security For Only $25!