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There‘s an app for that…’

With these legendary words, it all started… Nowadays our whole life is somehow involved with apps. Whether you’re a fortune 500 company or the local bakery…an app is the most valuable way to stay in touch with your customers and grow your revenue.

We currently offer three kind of apps; iPhone & iPad Apps, Android Apps and Amazon Kindle Apps.

And of course for an unbeatable price ! Request your tailor-made app offer now.

Do you need your very own app built to represent your company or brand? Then why not let Essence E-Services take care of it for you?

Apps by essence e-services

Apps for your business

Attract new visitors, increase sales, and improve customer retention. Marketing Apps and services help to promote your products. Engage with customers and offer better support with your business app.

Social Apps can simplify customer sharing and grow your social presence. Engage with your customers and promote your store/website/app on Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

Present your activities. Reserve access for dedicated accounts. Show off photos galleries and videos. Present your restaurant’s menu, let your customers book a table. Publish your magazine in our PDF and ePub readers apps with smart navigation and pleasant animation. Prepare your great events, promote your business….and many more…

  • Communicate

    Alert your users with push notifcations. Find out what your users are saying.

  • Monetize

    Sell items inside your apps with in-app purchases. Sell goods in your app’s shopping cart. Place ads in your apps for additional revenue.

  • Publish

    Get a Bookstore app. Publish your magazine or promote your book.

  • Share

    Share videos an image gallery. Use RSS for dynamic content. GPS and directions to your business location.

  • Videos

    Embed (your) youtube videos and link them to youtube channels

  • Twitter Integration

    Tweet and respond from within your app. Share content on Twitter.

Why do You Need a Local Business App?

A local business app can help your organization in a number of ways and is something that every small business should invest in.

The basic option for most companies is to create a simple informational app for their local business that will provide details to new customers and help bring more visitors to their site. This will mainly consist of static pages that convey information regarding the nature of your services and products and will thus help to bring new customers as well as providing your existing customers with more information.

Essence E-Services can take care of all your app-building requirements and offers the fastest and most affordable service on the web. If you need an app to help you take your business to the next level, then let us help build you something that will look highly professional without breaking the bank.

Let us take care of your app development and get your app into the pockets of all your potential customers!

What Do Our App Services Entail
We largely create simple informational apps for your business but can provide many more features than your standard service. These simple, static apps are cost effective and give you a way to gain a presence in the app store and to provide your clients and customers with more information without also requiring you to sink a huge amount of time and cash into the development. You can this way get your app into the store in no time at all while giving your customers all the information they need about your company.

When it comes to additional features though, Essence E-Services has got the competition beat. We really take your app up a level and create tons of new business opportunities by providing some really powerful extra options.

Galaxy S7 Android Apps
Apple iPhone6+ Apps

These include:

  • Social; Facebook (fanpage), LinkedIn & Twitter integration
  • ePub & Pdf eBook Bookstores
  • GEO location services (GPS Coupons, Check in, Maps etc.)
  • RSS and Quiz features
  • Scanner Service Integrated (QR code, Barcode, Couponcode etc.)
  • Advanced Image features
  • BUMP Ticket (check in events using BUMP technology)
  • Magazine Store

And many more possibilities…

Galaxy S7 Android Apps

Get in touch today and we’ll happily discuss your app in more detail